Problems with ISS on a wireless network at home

Hi. This might seem too simple a request for most in this group but I wonder if anyone has had any hassle setting up either ISS or Apache to run as a local server on their home machine when plugged into wireless? I have been successful in the past, when i was hard-wired but now, after my machine has been wiped, reinstalled and converted to wi-fi, find that some other "port" is open and unwilling to allow either software application to function as a server. If any such frustrations - subsequently resolved - have been experienced, I am graciously all ears!

(I am using XP Pro SP2, with a D-Link 802.11b PCI card and Belkin ADSL Modem/Wireless(g), which I have no problems with in terms of online connections).


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Anthony Greenwood
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I use IIS on both my Windows XP Pro machines with one of them being a wireless laptop at times because of .Net stuff. I have not had a problem with IIS running locally and programs accessing IIS when the laptop was using a wireless connection. What other port are you talking about? I could see this if you configured IIS to use a port other than port 80.

Duane :)

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