5 minutes of internet after uninstalling ZoneAlarm

I've uninstalled ZoneAlarm Free. So far so good, I now rely on the Windows XP Firewall. I can connect to the internet via LAN as I usually do, but after 5 minutes all internet activity just stops...

I think this is very strange. I had problems before with uninstalling zonealarm and getting on the internet, but after I did a manual uninstall in safe mode, this was resolved. For 5 minutes of course.

Does someone know what the problem is? A friend says its probably something with cookies, but I can do nothing with this information.


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So you've uninstalled a firewall that checks inbound and outbound traffic and wholly relying on a firewall that only checks incoming traffic (it does not check outbound traffic leaving your PC). That's not a smart move. Let's hope your PC doesn't get infected by trojans/viri/spyware etc!!! S

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This may be because a piece of ZA got left behind. Look for files beginning with vs in c:\\windows\\system32 In particular look for vsdatant.sys Check the properties of any file you find to verify whether or not it is a ZA file. It may then be necessary to boot in safe mode to delete it.


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Jason Edwards

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