Cisco PIX 520 Firewall.

Hi Folks, I have bought the above-mentioned Cisco PIX 520 Firewall to get my hands dirty in learning Cisco PIX Firewalls at home. The Device has Pentium II 350Mhz processor, 16MB flash, 128MB RAM, it is running Cisco PIX version

6.3(5) according to the sellers. The motherboard is SE440BX-2 by Intel. I would like to upgrade the processor to PIII 850Mhz, the maximum processor that can be used on this board according to Intel documentation and upgrade the BIOS on the board to Intel P17. However, when I power up the device it shows intel boot agent version 2.2 and press Ctrl+S to get into the setup program. Since I do not have a keyboard attached to the Cisco PIX 520 Firewall, I do not knpw how to proceed from here. Please note that I have no previous Cisco PIX 520 Firewall experience. I am learning it by myself using Study guides.

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Note: I installed a PCI video card on the Cisco PIX Firewall main logic board, attached a monitor to it and read the above-mentioned message on the attached monitor.

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That won't necessarily work: the PIX probes the hardware and will only accept a limited range of equipment.

I suggest that you search the net for the topic "Frankenpix".

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Walter Roberson

In, you indicated that you had purchased a PIX 501; is this a different device? The important difference between a used 501 and a used 520 is that cisco

*will not* sell you the license to use a used 520 (the 520's are "End of Sale", not in their order books at all any more, not even for service contracts.) Thus, unless you happen to live in Germany or Denmark (special laws there), or unless you literally bought the entire company that owned the 520, there is no way of getting a legal license to use the 520.

By the way, you will find that is a better place to ask PIX related questions.

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Walter Roberson

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