Cisco PIX 520 Firewall.

Hi Folks, I bought the above-mentioned firewall from Ebay. It is running Cisco PIX Firewall v6.3(5) and it is also running PIX Device Manager(PDM) v3.0(4), with all features enabled including failover. When I was buying this firewall I did not know that the Cisco PIX Firewall 520 have to be used in pairs i.e. A primary firewall and a secondary firewall with a failover cable between them.The seller did not mention this in their listing. My question is, Can I disable the failover feature on the device, so that it can be used alone without a primary firewall. Right now, it boots up a secondary firewall, looking for the primary.

Thanks, Benchmark.

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I think Cisco sells a "Primary" license (not cheap) that you can upgrade to. I also believe the "Secondary" will run, but will reboot every 24 hours if it does not find the "Primary".

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Ken Smith

PIX 520 do not -have- to run in pairs. However, it is possible that the 520 has a FO (Failover) license rather than a full license. If it has a FO license, then as the other poster mentioned, it will reboot every 24 hours if it does not detect the primary. But if it has a UR (Unrestricted) license, then it can be configured to run stand-alone.

Failover on PIX 6 requires that -one- of the pair be UR license, and the other can be either FO or UR. So we can't tell without seeing the 'show version' printout which license you have.

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Walter Roberson

Hi Ken & Patrick, Thank you very much for your feedback. I am happy to report that I have been able to set up my Cisco PIX 520 and connected it to the Internet. I am able to browse behind it. I now realize the Cisco PIX 520 is in a class of its own compared to my other Cisco PIX 501. I really love it. I planned to sell it before I asked about it. Now, I am going to keep it in my CCNP lab rack at home. Now if you wanted to know what I did to get it going. I have previously did a password recovery on a Cisco PIX 501 that I also bought on Ebay. I did reset it to factory default before setting it up on my broadband connection. So again, I did "write erase" on the Cisco PIX 520 to set it to factory default. I the went through the basic set up script and zeroed and regenerated new RSA keys for the PIX and saved it. I then configured it with PDM and after that I was able to go to the internet. This newsgroup members are awesome. Keep up the good work. Again, thank you very much. Benchmark.

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