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I am currently making a frankenPIX for my homelab. I have a 16MB Flash card, the right network cards and an intel se440bx2 motherboard. However, when I boot I get the following message via the serial port:

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall BIOS (3.6)

Booting Floppy


It seems that it can't find a flash image. Also I get 1 long and 2 short beeps as error message. The technical documentation of the intel motherboard says : "Search for option ROMs. One long, two short beeps on checksum failure."

So I want to boot it from floppy for flashing the memory with a PIX bin. I have the PIX OS 6.3(5) binaries but NOT the boothelper!

Can someone give me advise or send me the corresponding boothelper binary image ? (I don't have a CCO account)

Thanks, Peter

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Peter Huybrechts
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Martin Bilgrav

Sure lets help you pirate a cisco software image using our CCO account so you can run an unlicensed copy. All at our risk.

For the price of a midrange Dell PC you can by a pix 506e and play around with it.

Peter Huybrechts wrote:

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He's already got the image installed on his flash card. Granted, the 520 has been discontinued for five years but we don't know if he's had this system the whole time or if he bought it used. The boot helper image by itself is just a floppy disk that helps one troubleshoot existing and bootstrap newer PIX images.

I've seen PIX 501 10 user license models go for as low as $200 on eBay.


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