Which router do I use?

I have installed a T3 in our new office and while it is in the test environment I have it on a Cisco 2620 Router /32MB. I can get the T3 to about 40% before the router overloads and starts dropping a ton of packets. I knew I would need to get a new router to use the full T3 but I am getting a lot of conflicting opinions from sales people.

My original plan was to use a Cisco 2851 and use the T3 a T1 and 1FastE port. There will only be static routing so there will be little overhead. If a T3 is about 80K PPS and the 2851 is rated at 250K PPS then I should be able to use the 2851 at full speed and even add another T3 when necessary as long as I don't plan to use the router for anything else. But every Cisco rep I have spoken to tells me I need a 3800 series and that if I don't get a 3845 I'm asking for trouble.

If the 2620 gets me almost half way and routers have improved significantly since then why can't I just use the 2851?

Is this a lot of Sales FUD or am I missing something here?



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The PPS in the spec's are NOT a full size data packet. I believe they base it on around an 80bit packet. You should use a minimum of a 3800.

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Brian V

Brian V a =E9crit :

it's 64bits packets

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64 byte packets, surely.


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Sam Wilson

Have to agree min. of a 3800. I would recommend a 3845 for a DS3.

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