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We are considering moving to BGP on our border Internet router. It would have two full load-balanced DS3 connections to our upstream provider. Would a Cisco 7206VXR with an NPE-400 and 512MB RAM be sufficient horsepower?

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If you don't need to buy for expandability but just want to get the most bang for the buck, I'd seriously consider the 3825 or 3845. They take a gig of RAM, too.

Regards, Patrick

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Patrick M. Hausen

i suspect the issue for memory is how big a routing table you plan to use - if all you get is a default route down each path then memory will not be a problem.

Cisco thruput of different routers

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the 3845 is higher thruput than 720x / NPE-400.

the interfaces are a bit cheaper on the 3845 as well.

Also - last time i checked the 3845 was the smallest / cheapest box that can take dual power supplies.

flip side is there are lots of 7200s around, so probably easier to find one without buying new....

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We are using 3845's here - as they are quite new routers beware that the software is very buggy. We have had problems with certain Interfaces not being useable and a major OSPF bug causing 100% cpu load. TAC were working on our case for weeks....

You may not experience the same problems however personally I wished we had gone with 7206's.


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