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I have a tunnel setup between a vpn3000 and a pix 501. I can ping devices across the tun. however, I cannot ping the inside ethernet. Could anyone give me some tips on how to get this working? also, I need to monitor it for traffic stats in and out etc. with snmp. the ios is 6.3. thx and I really appreciate your help...

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In order to be able to *ping* the inside ethernet IP address, you would have to create a special "management interface" VPN tunnel just for the purpose of talking to the PIX itself. It -must- be a distinct tunnel with its own crypto-map, because it will encode the packets differently than for a regular tunnel.

However, if your purpose is just to SNMP monitor, then you do not need to monitor the inside interface: just configure appropriate snmp-server values, and then the stats for the inside interface are just another instance in the snmp interface table.

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Walter Roberson

on the end tunnel PIX you need :

management-access inside and the ofcourse that the headend device, from which the managementtraffic generates, must be in the no-nat and cryptomap ACL's

HTH Martin Bilgrav

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Martin Bilgrav

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