Switch Bootloader vs bootflash:

On a system with 2 MSFC2s there is an option to set the image via "set system flash bootflash:"

there is also a "boot bootloader" option

I don't know the difference between the two. Some of the switches have both the bootflash and the bootloader statements, while others have only the bootflash statement.

When I perform a "show version" on the switch that only has the bootflash command, the image name shows up twice.

When I peform a "show version" on the switch that has both the bootflash and bootloader statements, the bootflash image shows up 1st and the bootloader image version shows up second.

Can anyone explain the difference between the two and whether both are needed.


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snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com skrev:

the system flash bootflash: is the actual software running on the switch.

the boot loader is the software that boots the system software or the boot helper.

Running IOS on msfc2 does not require the boot helper but I think CatOS does.


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