Newbie: Cisco VPN client prevents other connections

Sorry, this is a total noob question, but I'm not seeing the answer when I google.

When I connect to a remote system using the Cisco VPN client, I can't access anything else. Can't see my local network, can't surf the web. It appears to block all other network access.

This is *really* inconvenient. How can I fix?

I'm using Windows XP and VPN Client

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Its controlled by the other end . . .

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It is not a setting on the the Cisco client, it is a security precaution implemented by the Firewall/Router admin to reduce virus from your local network to the corporate network.

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Artie Lange

No, ASA/PIX can do that at least in 7.0 + version. I have such config. Quote from

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"The security appliance includes a feature that lets a VPN client send IPSec-protected traffic to another VPN user by allowing such traffic in and out of the same interface. Also called "hairpinning", this feature can be thought of as VPN spokes (clients) connecting through a VPN hub (security appliance). "

The command for this is: hostname(config)# same-security-traffic permit intra-interface

Regards, Igor

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Igor Mamuzic aka Pseto

As implied above, the access that you are requesting is known as "split tunneling".

If "split tunneling" is enabled the client can access the VPN and can also access the internet directly.

Without "split tunneling", if internet access is required then it would have to be arranged via the VPN. Of course if you are using a PIX (and presumably an ASA but I am not sure) as your central internet NAT device and VPN server then such access will be impossible since the PIX will *never* (NEVER, *NEVER*) route traffic out of the interface on which it was received.

Good hunting!

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Not sure if my prob is the same but recently my CISCO client has broken my system somehow in that once connected, the client blocks all DNS requests. I have to manually code for the remote machine and can't access anything else. This only happens in OSX, using the XP version of the client (on the same machine, XP virtualized through VMware I don't have any issues. I'm lost and this just started happening 2 days ago. Was working well for a year before that.

Any suggestions?

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