Cisco VPN Client - client-LAN access for headquarter

Hello everybody,

I understand that the VPN Client=B4s "local LAN access" feature enables the Client to also access ressources in it=B4s own LAN - which works fine in my setup. Having the feature activated I can see my local LAN routes and the secured routes in the VPN Client statistics.

My question is:

How is it possible for a computer in the headquarter behind the VPN Concentrator (which is a Cisco router) to access the resources (e.g. printer) in the client-LAN?

Right now I can only ping the client computer=B4s tunnel-IP-address, but not the address of the client=B4s LAN-NIC or the printer.

I played with static routes on my VPN concentrator, but could not achieve the access to the client=DFs LAN from a computer in my headquarter.

Is that possible at all with the Cisco VPN client?

Thank you for any hint.


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Maybe I should add, that I activated routing on the Windows XP client PC (\\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\Tcpip \\Parameters\\IPEnableRouter=3D1).

It doesn=B4t help yet...


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mgummert schrieb:

LPD/LPR sharing of the printer on the client?

That's expected.

No. You can use a small Cisco IOS router setup in network extension mode as VPN client.

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