Cisco VPN Client stopping RDP, Citrix working on other VPN


Hope someone can help with this problem. I work for a support comapny and we have several VPN connections into different customers. These connections are configured on each of the support users PC's. All worked fine.

We have a combination of Citrix, RDP, PCAnywhere and Netmeeting as our remote access clients. We use the standard Microsoft VPN where possible but have also got SonicWall and Netscreen Remote installed.

On of our customers has switched from Netscreen Remote to Cisco VPN client ( and this works fine after uninstalling the Netscreen Remote. However if we try to connect to any of the other VPNs we can get authenticated on their network and can browse using the IP as a UNC path. But we can not get Remote Desktop or Citrix to now give us a connection. They simply Time Out.

One other thing is that the above is possible if I select "Use Default Gateway on Client Network" otherwise I can only get authenticated but not browse using the UNC paths.

Any ideas?



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