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A little question :

I have a pix configure with VPN.

All work good but if i'm connected with the client cisco VPN and i want to connect (remote desktop for example) to another computer connected with the client cisco VPN, i does not work.

I know that a packet can not go and come on the same interface but is there a solution ?

I don't test that :

Configuring another vpngroup with another dhcp-pool ... and connect from one vpngroup the other.

Anybody have experience with that ?


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I do not think what you want to do is possible. If you check the syslog output, you will see a "deny" message reported whenever you try the vpn to vpn connect.

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I've been fighting with vpn clients the last 3 weeks . My errors : Not opening the UDP 4500 in the router Not configuring nat-t Not looking in vpn-client stadistics , routes if the vpn client got the right network . Not making ike split-tunneling

the thing that helped me most was the vpn-client log, and after trying all of this , try to reach diferent ip addresses from the network, or different ports. Good look , don't lose your nerve as i did , time makes everything solve

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Sako a =E9crit :

Thanks, i will test as soon as possible :)

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The short answer is NO, and the tactics you are thinking about have no chance of working.

The medium answer is "It can be done on some models under some circumstances that probably do not match any reasonable variation of your situation."

I've posted the long answer a number of times, most recently at

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Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson a =E9crit :

Ok thank you for your answser !

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