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Sounds like the VPN administrators have you setup for "split tunnel." More secure, and the general practice most companies employ. You cannot access the Internet while using the VPN client except by going thru the Intranet's proxy server (assuming they have one). J--

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John Loop
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in order to get your internet working while on a vpn you need to enable split-tunneling. This will allow information out both ways.

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Nick C

I've got the cisco VPN client 4.0.3C for win to connect to my firewall at work but I'm not sure if its working as expected. When the client connects via my ISP I can access the internal work network, however I can no longer connect to anything else like web sites, IRC etc. It seems that once the VPN is established all traffic is directed over the VPN. Even if I add a route to a particular address all requests still seem to be blocked by the vpn. DNS is working correctly (connected via a server at work). Once I disconnect the VPN I can browse again. Is this behaviour the way the VPN client is intended to work?

I thought the tunnel it created was only for traffic destined for internal addresses and that it could hapilly co-exist with non VPN traffic, just as the PIX at work can distinguish between VPN and no VPN traffic?

Also, anyone know where one might come across a Linux 4.0.x VPN client? (ie someone without a cisco support contract)

Any help would be much appreciated!

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