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I have cisco pix 501 firewall. Is there windows 64bit client?

Thanks in advance

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Cisco isn't doing a 64-bit windows fullbore IPSec stack.

They have their AnyConnect stack, which requires newer hardware than a 501. (and some SSL/VPN type setup stuff).

You can try the 3rd party clients. Greenbow, NCP or Shrew.

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Doug McIntyre

I've heard some rumors about Cisco developing an IPSEC client for 64bit PCs.


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I have some co-workers who have been quite pleased with the Shrew VPN client on 64-bit Windows:

I use a Mac, so I can't offer any personal feedback. Good luck!

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Scott Lowe

Yeah, came out a couple days after I posted of course, until that point Cisco was saying no-no-no, not happening.

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5.BETA tree, vpnclient-winx64-msi-
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Doug McIntyre

Please email me a link to to download this my network admin is on vacation! dimitri_c at sympatico dot ca

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