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Comcast, my ISP, is asking me to upgrade their modem to a modem+router+wire less device. My girlfriend upgraded hers, and I can no longer have my virtu al machines talk to the outside world even though I have bridged networking setup and have all virtual machines on the same subnet as the new modem+ro uter combo.

I have hence decided to not upgrade my comcast modem, which is connected, a t present, to, a d-link router. This router serves my functions well. I can put my virtual machines on the same network as the router provides and I c an also put a physical(non virtual machine) on the DMZ.

So, that's the story.

My question is, if, comcast "forces" me to upgrade to their modem+router co mbo, then, what options do I have to have my virtual machines on the same s ubnet talk to each other and to the internet?

Would a Cisco router help? I guess I could NAT.....

Please feel free to advise and also to ask questions about my configuration .

Thanks in advance.....

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That doesn't sound like a router issue, but some sort of configuration issue. I assume that you are saying that Comcast swapped out the cable modem with one of the newer Arris cable gateway devices, router, wifi, modem all in one deals.

They are straight forward and nothing magical.

One thing to consider is that a "DMZ" port as defined by the d-link and most other consumer grade routers is a totally foreign concept for anything enterprise device. Likewise, UPNP and its ilk is totally not done on enterprise gear either.

An infinitate number of options? There is nothing magical about the Arris router, compared to D-link or cisco or any other vendor.

You aren't NAT'ing right now on Comcast?

Probably-not to maybe? You could have a wide range of issues, and swapping hardware in and out isn't going to solve a basic config issue.

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