need help configuring wireless router on network with existing router

I just purchased a Netgear WGR614v4 wireless b/g router. It has an integrated 4-port switch. Supports RIP, all latest bells and whistles.

I am having a hard time configuring it on my network.

My basic setup contains a cable modem currently plugged into an older hard-line Linksys BESFxxx cable/dsl router, which has an integrated

4-port switch. One machine is directly connected to this router's switch, and then I run a line to another 8-port switch in another part of the house, where another machine (and other various devices like a ReplayTV, Rio Media Player, etc) are connected. I have a Dell Latitude D600 laptop (Centrino with integrated G wireless) that I would like to be able to use via the new wireless router.

The problem is that I cannot TOUCH the old router connected to the cable modem. It is used by my wife for her business and she won't let me near it, though we share the internet connection (I screwed things up a bit in the past, :) ) So, I need to make BOTH routers work on the same network, and cannot figure out how to configure the wireless router correctly.

Here is the basic setup. Sorry for the multiple lines but I wanted to make sure that users with different fonts could see it correctly:

route 1:

cable modem Linksys router machine 1

route 2:

cable modem Linksys router 8-port switch [other devices]

Note that the cable modem and router listed above are the same in both routes.

I currently have the wireless router plugged into the switch like so:

Linksys switch Netgear wireless router laptop

The laptop can SEE and configure the Netgear router just fine. It just cannot get to the internet or LAN.

I have all devices on the original (non-wireless) network set up to use static IPs. All devices are on the same subnet of The Linksys router IP is The Linksys router IP is used as the Default Gateway IP for all devices on the original network (obviously). The Netgear router IP I manually set to, from a factory default of I enabled DHCP on the Netgear for the laptop since all other machines and devices on my network have static IPs. I gave the Netgear a DHCP address range of -

The laptop gets an address via DHCP of from the Netgear with no problem. I can also login to the Netgear router via wireless without problem.

I am not sure which port I should use to connect my Netgear router to the 8-port switch. I have tried using both one of the auto-uplink-sensing integrated switch ports and the WAN port. But the laptop can never see anything else on the network nor can it connect to the internet.

Currently I have the Netgear router connected to the switch via the WAN/internet port. I have manually configured the IP of the Netgear router's WAN port to be the same as that of the Netgear router itself: I have also tried I set the Default Gateway IP for the Netgear router's WAN port to be the address of the Linksys router: I use the same DNS addresses as all other machines on the network.

Do I need to use RIP or static routes or something? I am completely clueless when it comes to networking, even though I have been a SW engineer for years. Sorry for the long post but this is driving me nuts!

Thanks for any help -

Cappy Popp

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OK, while a switch is a little more intelligent than a simple hub, it may not be active enough to allow two routers to effectively cooperate, if the switch is between them. The PROPER solution would be to replace the Linksys router. But if you can't do that, Try this:

Cable Modem Linksys Router Netgear WGR614 (any LAN port) 8-port switch [other devices]

Then run your network wizard on your laptop and set it to connect to the Internet through another computer. That computer in this case would be the Linksys Router, and the Netgear should simply pass the packets back and forth wired and wirelessly between laptop and Linksys Router.

Of course, If you put the Netgear router in front of the switch, you might have to change all your static IPs on the devices connected to the 8-port switch.

I suspect you've got a real headache on your hands unless you can convince your wife to let you replace the Linksys router. -Dave

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Dave C.

I'm using my wireless router exactly how you want. I've got my wireless router connected to my linksys wired router thru LAN ports on each device and I do not use the WAN/Cablemodem port on the wireless device at all.

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Hmmm... something is haywire here somewhere down the line causing that NetGear router to get dreadfully confused...

My suggestion to you would be to first reset the NetGear back to it's factory settings to start again from scratch with a clean slate... next keep the WAN side configured by DHCP... and then set the LAN side to use

The NetGear router should remain connected to the switch via the WAN port... allow your wireless client to be assigned by DHCP from the NetGear router as normal.

See if that works...

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