Intel Pro Wireless Cards cannot connect to Cisco 1200 series AP with new firmware

I am currently having a problem where i have just upgraded my cisco access points from 12.2(13)JA3 to a new version (I have tried all of the newest versions) but cannot get Intel Pro Wireless cards (Internal) to connect to the access point. I can see the access point, but cannot connect.

Whereas with Cisco wireless cards, I can connect with no dramas!

Does anyone else have this problem?

Current setup

Using WEP with PEAP. I also broadcast the SSID.

Is there any patches available for this problem??

Thanks, Mick

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Mick schrieb:

Go to Security -> SSID Manager and ensure that at "Open Authentication" "with EAP (or with MAC and EAP)" is selected. A Cisco PCM352 or MPI350 card will authenticate if "Network EAP" is selected.

Not related to a specific IOS release.

The old Intel PRO2101B has an issue with broadcast key rotation, the newer ( Centrino(tm) ) has CCX and they should work. But I never use Intel WLAN since there is much better out there...

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