iBook prob with Cisco 1200 AP

I'm in the process of replacing 5 year-old Lucent Wavepoint APs to Cisco

1231s. Each 1231 AP is set up for 2 SSIDs (on 2 VLANs) using 40-bit WEP. [We'll be going to 802.1x soon, but must stick to WEP for now.]

I've tested a variety of wireless NICs with the Cisco APs and all work fine - save one. That hitch is an iBook with an Airport Extreme card. It can authenticate to one SSID but not the other. Unfortunately, the Mac does not give a meaningful error message ("there was an error joining the Airport network..."). Oddly, PowerBooks with Airport Extreme cards don't have this problem.

Just wondering if anyone has run into this before and managed a workaround.

Thanks, Tom

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Tom Lowry
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