Cisco wireless cards + PEAP + Roam

I am having some roaming issues with laptops running WinXP + Cisco wireless card, both AG cards and the old 350 wireless cards attaching to a network using PEAP, MSCHAPv2 authentication Clients will initally associate just fine, but when roaming or dropping out of coverage for a couple of seconds the device will not reconnect without a new logon process. These exact same laptops logging on to a separate network with LEAP auth do not have this problem. Also a similar laptop with built in Intel card works just fine. Have tried all the latest firmware/drivers to no avail. any experience a similar issue??


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BG schrieb:

This is PEAP. Until IOS 12.3(8)JA there is no support for FastSecure Roaming with other authentication methods than LEAP or EAP-FAST is available. You also need a WDS device and clients configured for CCKM.

That's the difference of working FastSecure Roaming

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