How to save the configuration on Cat 4006?

Hi all,

just a question on how I can store the running config to the flash.

what the following commands differ by:

"write memory"

"copy config flash"

Which will make the switch to load the running configuration next time it boots?

TIA Alex.

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I guess "write memory" is the old but still supported way to do it.

But i took the habit to do a

" copy running-config startup-config"

I never used "copy config flash" but i think it will just make a copy of your running-config in flash , but will not make it the startup-config.

So you need either

wr mem or copy running-config startup-config

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I tried, and I'm use to do, "cop run sta" but the Catalyst doesn't recognize it. I get a little bit around Cat OS commands and those seemed to be good for me.


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Most likely, a 4006 is running CatOS. IOS commands don't work here..

You don't have to in CatOS. All commands are saved after you type them.

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Doug McIntyre

ok my bad..

i assumed a 4006 would be like a 4500...

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