Refreshing PIX config via TFTP

Hi all,

I learned that if you want transfer a config file from a TFTP server to the PIX config net will merge the running config with that uploaded from the TFTP server. So the best way to restore a working configuration is to clear the configuration from the console and then copy the wished one from the TFTP server. The the first of following commands is quite self-explanatory and your remote workstation must belong to the LAN of the inside interface, otherwise you get disconnected

configure factory-default [ []]

but what about this one?

clear configure [primary|secondary|all]

Any comments are appreciated.



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Yes, your explanation is correct.

That is documented in the "configure" command:

primary Sets the interface, ip, mtu, nameif, and route commands to their default values. In addition, interface names are removed from all commands in the configuration.

secondary Removes the aaa-server, alias, access-list, apply, conduit, global, outbound, static, telnet, and url-server command statements from your configuration.

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