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Hi everyone,

I just bought a Cisco 2505 on eBay and I'm running in some issues changing the user and password in the router.

Here is the configuration file:


Router>enable Router#configure memory

sdn-hr-006txirvi001t# %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from memory by console sdn-hr-006txirvi001t#show running-config Building configuration...

Current configuration: ! version 11.1 no service finger service password-encryption service udp-small-servers service tcp-small-servers ! hostname sdn-hr-006txirvi001t ! boot system flash enable secret 5 $1$8BwG$vJYW8rPM8.EX8bu5mdJxa1 ! username ipdss privilege 14 password 7 05180E5F371F42 ! hub ether 0 1 link-test auto-polarity ! hub ether 0 2 link-test auto-polarity ! hub ether 0 3 link-test auto-polarity ! hub ether 0 4 link-test auto-polarity ! hub ether 0 5 link-test auto-polarity ! hub ether 0 6 link-test auto-polarity ! hub ether 0 7 link-test auto-polarity ! hub ether 0 8 link-test auto-polarity ! interface Ethernet0 ip address shutdown ! interface Serial0 description PL377745 to SDN-PNC4-FW 1/1/0/10 ip address shutdown ! interface Serial1 no ip address shutdown ! router rip version 2 redistribute static network ! ip classless ip route ip route ip route


Notice that I'm running OS 11.1. Everytime I try the "enable secret xxxxx " looks like the password has been recognized and will be stamped in the config file, but no dice.

Also, I wonder how can I create a different user in case that I can't change the one that is in the config file " ipdss"?

Any ideas? Can someone suggest me what to do at this point? I have followed Cisco recepy on how to replace the password but everytime I try loging as " ipdss" with my new password the system won't let me in! HELP, HELP.

Thank you all,


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A couple of questions - given you are just starting out and I presume looking at the CCNA level of things.

Why are you configuring from memory? Use "configure terminal" (or just "config t") instead.

Why are you creating a username at this stage?

I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't in time look at these things, but for now keep it simple for CCNA.

Also, once you make your configuration changes are you saving them to NVRAM so your new configuration will be loaded when you re-start the router.?

That's "copy running-configuration startup-configuration" or "copy run start" for short.


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Aubrey Adams


Thank you for your help.

Yes, I have tried copying from memory to NVRAM to save my changes. Of course I will agree with you that the route that I'm taking is ridiculous. Except that I'm following Cisco instructions on how to overwrite the secret password. In fact what would help me even more is finding out how can I write to NVRAM the original set up configuration so I can start configuring the router from scratch!!!

Can I do that??



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enable write erase reload (do not save config)

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on a related note. the issue of starting from scratch. I have read in some books that authors have run into trouble trying to amend 'access lists' in their routers. The best way to change them is to copy and paste the configuration file into a text editor, change it, and overwrite the configuration file.

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