Remove ALL configuration from a Catalyst 3500?

I would like to clear ALL configuration on a Cisco Catalyst 3500 switch.

I have tried the following commands:


After ERASE FLASH: I have even copied a new ISO bin file to the switch via XMODEM.

For some reason the switch is retaining the old configuration!

I basically want to return the switch to factory settings.


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I have used "erase staratup-config" on a number of 3550-48s and the majority of the config is removed but I always seem to end up with some of the VLAN (e.g. " vlan 100,110,120,130,140

")config left over. Is this what you are experiencing?

I don't know how to get rid of it though.


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Paul Smart

Or 'write erase' in old cisco-speak.

To get rid of the VLAN database, (all my switches are in production, don't have anything to test with right now), can you do a

del flash:/vlan.dat

and reboot?

I'm not sure if the permissions are open enough for you to touch this file.

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Doug McIntyre

Two easy ways:

  1. If you can still log in and enter enable mode:

# write erase # del flash:vlan.dat

  1. If you can't log in and don't have a password:

Connect serial console cable to switch, press "Mode" button on the front, insert the power cord and keep button pressed until the first interface LED is lit. Release the button. Enter the following commands:

# flash_init # load_helper # del flash:config.text # del flash:vlan.dat # boot

That's it. The switch is as good as new. At least it has factory settings.

Have a nice day,


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Falk Stern

Doug McIntyre a écrit :


This being said, if the original poster has other switches in VTP server mode on his lan, when he plugs his cleaned switch back in, it's going to learn about all the vlans that your VTP domain has.

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