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Just trying to configure a Home DSL with a spanish ISP (ya.com) using a Cisco 827 router. The configuration parameters given by the ISP are pppatm, chap authentication (with account/password).

The router information is as follows:

IOS (tm) 820 Software (C820-0Y6-M), Version 12.3(6), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)

The configutarion commands used on the router are the following ones:

******************* begin conf file version 12.3 no service pad service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec no service password-encryption ! hostname ! boot-start-marker boot-end-marker ! enable secret 5 enable password ! no aaa new-model ip subnet-zero no ip routing ! ! *** Definicio de les direccions IP fixes a la xarxa: DNS, C827,... *** ip subnet-zero ip name-server ip name-server ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address

! ! *** Definicio de les caracteristiques de la eth0: (default gw) *** interface Ethernet0 ip address ip nat inside no shutdown

! ! *** Definim les regles del servidor DHCP per a la LAN *** ip dhcp pool dhcp_lan import all network dns-server default-router lease 0 12

! ! *** Definici=C3=B3 de la interficie ATM, per aixecar el PPP. Gesti=C3=B3 del PPPoA en Dialer0 *** interface ATM0 no ip address no ip route-cache ip nat outside pvc 8/32 encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer dialer pool-member 1 no atm ilmi-keepalive dsl operating-mode auto no shutdown ! ! *** Definicio del Dialer0 per aixecar el PPPoA contra ya.com AUTH:CHAP *** interface Dialer0 ip address negotiated ip nat outside encapsulation ppp dialer pool 1 no cdp enable ppp authentication chap callin ppp chap hostname ppp chap password ppp ipcp dns request ! ! *** Definicions d'ACLS. *** ! * Permetem tot el trafic de la sub-xarxa. Nomes administracio des de la LAN. access-list 1 permit ! ! *** Permetem el NAT en la Dialer0 i creem la ruta estatica tot->

dialer0 *** ip nat inside source list 1 interface Dialer0 overload ip classless ip route Dialer0 no ip http server ! ! *** Criteris d'acces al mode gestio per consola *** line con 0 transport preferred all transport output all stopbits 1 line vty 0 4 password login transport preferred all transport input all transport output all ! scheduler max-task-time 5000 ! end

******************* end conf file

With the posted configuration the dsl link is actually up and also the WAN IP address can be obtained via IPCP. The DNS servers are also obtained properly via IPCP, and the route is properly created on the router.

Every few seconds one can see traffic on the atm interface, and a 'debug ppp negotiation' gives always the same message, and also when ping to any public IP address (e.g. google.com):

Vi2 PPP: Outbound bridge packet dropped, BNCP state is Listen Vi2 PPP: Outbound bridge packet dropped, BNCP state is Listen Vi2 PPP: Outbound bridge packet dropped, BNCP state is Listen Vi2 PPP: Outbound bridge packet dropped, BNCP is Closed [starting negotiations] Vi2 BNCP: State is Listen Vi2 BNCP: TIMEout: State Listen Vi2 BNCP: O CONFREQ [Listen] id 6 len 4 Vi2 LCP: I PROTREJ [Open] id 255 len 10 protocol BNCP (0x803101060004) Vi2 BNCP: State is Closed Vi2 BNCP: State is Listen

No bridge is configured in any interface, and seems that also the NAT part and the access-listing part are properly configured. No internet access is achieved. IMHO looks like a BNCP problem, but no idea how to continue dealing with the problem.

I don't have any clue wheter bridging should be configured on the router or not since the ISP is not able to give me this information. I already check to create a bridge-group with interfaces atm0 and ether0, but the BNCP problems still continue.

Any help and ideas would be very apretiated.

Thank you very much in advance,=20


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You may wish to investigate the Cisco Config Wizard:

formatting link

Brad Reese BradReese.Com Cisco Repair Service Experts

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Hendersonville Road, Suite 17 Asheville, North Carolina USA 28803 U.S. Toll Free: 877-549-2680 International: 828-277-7272

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Not sure about the BNCP, but the "no ip routing" in the config is going to be a problem. Configure "ip routing" and see what happens then.

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Martin Gallagher


Just following the link provided by Brad Reese and also the ideas of Martin Gallagher finally we achieved full Internet connectivity!

Seems that the "no routing ip" config was messing up all the configuration, since the router was not forwarding properly the IP packets from the eth0 interface to the atm0/di0 interfaces. Also the configuration file generated by the URL provided by Brad Reese worked perfectly on the Cisco 827 (only few modifications for the VC configuration were required).

I would like to thank you your help, since we were dealing with this issue almost during 2 weeks.

If it is possible (time matters) I would post a complete comparison between the configuration file I attached in the first post and also the configuration file automatically generated by

formatting link
Hope that in one week I wil be able to do it.

Also I would post my final configuration file, once we achieved to have all the services we need running properly on our Home-LAN.

Thank you very much for your help and attention,


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