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A years ago I signed up with SBC's DSL. It did not work the way it was supposed to and wreaked havoc with my computer even though I was told it would work just fine on my Windows 98 PC. I have several documented pages of complaints and contacted tech supports on many occasions and never got the help I needed. Finally after fighting with it for the contract year, I went with another provider. However, I cannot get all of SBC's encryption out of my computer and will now have to pay to have a professional fix my computer. Also for the last 2 weeks of my contract with SBC I was not able to send e-mail due to some problem THEY were having. When I contacted their billing office I was told that I could not get a refund because the e-mail was not part of their DSL. However, that is what I am now having problems with. My Outlook Express is "provided by SBC Yahoo DSL" and the script host still searches for SBC's software. Over the past year I spent countless hours in the process of trying to get my computer to work properly after installing the SBC software. My website communication suffered and so did my income from the website. The DSL that SBC provided was worse than any dial up I ever had. I know that locally others have had similar experiences and was wondering if a class action suit was in the works, or could be started?.

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Neil W Rickert

There is no SBC "encryption". However, if you installed the SBC software, you would have to uninstall it. I never installed it in the first place; none exists on my computer. Which is running Windows Me, and not having any DSL problems.

There are ways to remove the SBC customization from the mail client, and there are settings to change so the mail client won't try to invoke the SBC dialer.

For the branding, try this:

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Or just Google on "outlook express branding".

For the connection settings, there are about three places to look. Just navigate the Windows menus. Look for DUN settings, or the "Connection" tabs.

I don't know if there is one underway. I suggest that you consult with a attorney; he would be able to find out fairly quickly if such a suit exists, if you having standing to join, or if you have standing to sue. IANAL, so I am not in any position to offer more legal advice than that.

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Apparently you never heard of the SBC forums at

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now also
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which is the best place to get tech help for any SBC problems.

Did you properly "uninstall" the SBC software, or simply remove the directories (bad idea). If the latter, maybe you need to do some registry house cleaning.

The Win98 PC I originally used to register 1/2002 worked fine with SBC adsl (5360 modem), until its hard drive died for other reasons. Later after installing SBC software on my Win98se laptop to re-register after a move, I then uninstalled all the SBC software except Enternet300 and the Yahoo browser title bar. But I never used or even configured OE because it was a worm magnet.

What "SBC encryption" are you referring to? SBC software is not even required to use their services. I typically use Linux for SBC PPPoE, mail and newsgroups. And I recently set up and registered my boss' SBC Yahoo DSL without even opening the CD. So maybe you just have stale registry entries if you removed the software improperly.

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