PIX 501 DSL Configuration

I have set up this firewall for default configuration. The internal network works fine. I connected the internal interface of the dsl modem to the external interface of PIX 501 firewall. I configured the firewall connection to PPOE. The firewall connects and acquires the web ip address. I made sure that all ports are open for tcp, udp, igmp, ip protocols for traffic coming from internal networt to outside.

I am not getting dns resolution for external sites. How can I check assigned ip configuration, (ip address, gateway ip, dns, etc) of my router on external interface assigned by PPOE connection?

Does this firewall run dns server? Is there a place I could configure farwarders?

In PPOE configuration, does it matter if I set the authentication to pap as opposed to chap or mschap?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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check Cisco TAC article on PIX/ASA PPPOE configuration

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see Using PIX Firewall in SOHO Networks

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this document shows the command: dhcpd auto_config [client_ifx_name] to get DNS addresses provided by the access concentrator as part of the PPP/IPCP negotiations:

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