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I have no idea if this is the right place to pose this type of question, feel free to direct me to a better place if is not.

We have had (a)dsl service for 2 years at 386k down. Other than a spot of trouble last November, it has worked flawlessly until June 27 when it died. We contacted the provider and ....

They detected a disconnect order from the trouble that we had last Nov. Without boring everyone with the whole story, the said that we could restart the service. So we submitted the request.

Fast forward to the service being started. We got connectivity but couldn't get out on http. I called service again and now they say I am 25000 feet away from the co and therefore can't get service.

So here is what I empirically know: I had good service for two years, it stopped

3 weeks ago. I now have 13.5 db s/n and 64.5 db line atten. I can ping 512 bytes anywhere on the net. I can do traceroutes to most places on the net (for some reason att.com hangs and my provider is att (used to be sbc). When I go through my router and have my Linux box up, the weather comes through (assume its a low bw udp transmission). When I execute Thunderbird, I get connected to the server but when I send the password it usually says that the name/password is incorrect. If it does connect, it will timeout on trying to deliver a message.

The technician that came to the house said that the upstream data path is bad but they are going to deny service anyway since we are so far away. Anyone have ideas of things that can be checked or fixed?


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john sage
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Contact your ISP again. Ask them again to fix the problem, and if they play stupid, then ask them if a complaint with the Public Service Commission (or whatever it is called in your area) might help.

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Just a thought, but is the MTU in your router set to 1492 or smaller?

I had the same situation at a client office. They ordered DSL, were told it was a really long run and might not work. We did it anyway and got

1.5mbps down, 384 up. Now the bad part. New tenant next door was a telemarketer who was ordering 30 lines or similar. BellSouth either had to dig a 1000' trench or replace the 25 pair cable in the conduit with a 50 pair. They went the replacement route. (It was interesting watching them pull the new cable with their truck.) Phones were all hooked back up.

Oops. Our DSL is for like working 5 minutes out of 30 and slow at that. Well it turns out we had a "golden" pair of wires before which let our signal through. We measured at about 20,000 feet but tested at about

15000. With the new cable we tested at about 22000. And no they were not going to try all 50 pairs to see if any would work better. So it was back to dial up until they put in a remote terminal a few months later.
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