Green light on 877W router

Hi there,

I have a 877W Cisco router nad I have a small question that I simply cannot manage to find an answer for. My 877W has WiFi on it and I have one laptop that uses the WiFi through it, when my laptop is switched off (offline etc) the green LED status of the WiFi on the router blinks non stop and only fully lights green again when the laptop is switched off and connected via WiFi to the router - is there anyway at all I can change the behaviour of this blinking to either stay green all the time (despite no WiFi devices are in range) or have it switched off??

Any ideas suggestions are much appreciated.



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the behaviour is per Cisco design:

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I do not believe there is any way to change the LED behaviour that you are witnessing.

Nothing a small piece of electrical tape cannot fix ...

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Thanks Merv, I thought as much but worth asking the question - right where did I put that electrical tape now...:-)


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