Energy Saving Tips

  1. Reduce heater's room temperature For each extra degree (Celsius) of temperature, your heater will consume 7 to 11% more energy. Adjust it to 18degrees which is also better for your health.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat You will be able to control the heater's temperature during specific hours every day.
  3. Insulate your house Loss of heat is loss of energy.
  4. Fix air leaks
  5. Close the chimney of the fireplace when you don't use it It is designed to drive smoke (hot air) out of the house!
  6. Get an energy audit to advice you about the necessary fixes and insulation
  7. Install energy efficient windows
  8. Install storm windows In cold climates they may save up to 50% of energy loss of your current windows during the winter.
  9. Shade the windows properly A tent outside the window will prevent more solar energy to enter the house that a curtain.
10.Plant deciduous trees to shade your house. During the winter they will loose their leaves and allow sunlight penetrate the house. 11.Mount aluminum sheets behind your space heaters It will reflect the thermal energy in the room, not on the wall. 12.Put the refrigerator far from any heat sources 13.Don't overload the fridge 14.Don't put hot food in the fridge. It will drain energy for no reason. Leave it out until it gets to the room temperature before putting it in the fridge. 15.Tidy up your fridge Firstly, you will need less time with the door open until you find what you need. Secondly, the frost will be distributed better. 16.Keep your fridge clean You can save up to 30% of loss of energy by cleaning the dust from the back of your refrigerator. Also, clean it from the ice which reduces its performance. 17.Switch off the lights where you don't need them 18.Use CFLs Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are way more economic. Save up to 70% of electricity costs for lighting.
  1. Look for Energy Star qualified appliances
20.Use the =93eco=94 mode to reduce your appliances electricity consumption 21.Don't use the air-conditioner with the windows open 22.Clean the air-conditioner's filters regularly 23.Shade your air-conditioner's compressors properly They will use 10% less energy. 24.Walk, walk, walk Walk to the supermarket, walk to the school, walk and save energy. 25.Drive slower to reduce emissions Aggressive driving consumes more fuel. 26.Don't pre-heat the car engine. Instead, you can drive at low velocities during the first minutes until the engine is properly heated. 27.Keep your car tires pressure at the proposed limits. This will save you fuels and it will make your car safer too. 28.Go Hybrid Hybrid cars produce less greenhouse gases. Check out the local funds and buy one at a better price OR 29.Buy an electric car 30.Use public means of transport 31.Buy proper cookware Make sure that your pans and the other kitchenware fix properly on the cooker. Otherwise you will loose energy for no reason. 32.Turn the cooker off before the food is finished It will remain hot for a little and the food will be cooked without wasting any energy. 33.Don't use a cloth dryer It consumes too much energy. Remember, sun can be a really good friend if used properly. 34.Wash your clothes on lower temperature Avoid energy loss when possible. 35.Don't leave electronics on stand-by mode They will not stop using electricity. Use a plug-board with a switch to completely switch off all appliances. 36.Say no to screen savers Turn the monitor off instead. 37.A plugged charger will consume energy even when it is not connected to the device 38.Go Local Avoid transportation to far away distances if you can do the same thing nearby. Choose a local supermarket, buy from the bakery of the neighborhood. Also prefer local products to reduce the CO2 emissions cause to their transportation. 39.Go On-line Make your bank or any other transactions using the Internet. This will save you time and transportation costs too. 40.Don't use the microwave oven to defrost food Instead, you can just leave it at room temperature for a little bit longer. 41.Go Passive Using the sun properly can save you lots of money. 42.Use solar water heaters They provide free hot water. 43.Maintain your water heater regularly Badly maintained heaters consume way more electricity. 44.Insulate your water pipes 45.Install a Green Roof It will save you lots of energy along with multiple other advantages it provides.
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