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Has anyone taken the BSCI lately

Any tips on what to focus on?

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what? you were looking for something better than that? check the BSCI homepage

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John Smith

Pretty much you need to focus on most of the routing topics


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I have taken it twice in the last 6 weeks, and have failed twice, by 3 bloody percent! Judgement day for me now is the 19th of this month, as

31st December is the last time you can take the old syllabus (642-801), and that had to be booked by a few weeks ago.


There are quite a few questions questions on IPv6, two simulations that come up all the time - one on OSPF stub networks, and one on redistribution.

There is lots of everything in there, but not too much on RIP.

Know the order how to place route-maps Know the BGP med value, and how it works The order of BGP attributes that are involved in route calculation always comes up Lots of EIGRP routing/topology table stuff, like what happens if a route drops from a summary route etc... Know your OSPF message types Frame-relay bandwidth questions EIGRP - Feasible distance and advertised distance

I could go on, but these are guaranteed to come up.

Good luck


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This is really handy, I sit my BCSI next Friday in Birmingham

Many thanks and good luck with your resit


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Steve Ray

Good luck to you both-hope you get an early Christmas present-let us know how you get on,it gives me hope!

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Just to inform you, I have taken the new BSCI exam.

Most of the stuff that exists in the old one is still there, PLUS there's some new IPv6 questions.

And to make it more chalenging, Cisco has added lots of multicasts questions in BSCI. So, be prepare.

Good luck

Nicolai wrote:

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Ah well

Just got back home from Birmingham. What a stupid date to schedule an exam for. The day when everyone finishes work for Christmas and tries some last minute Christmas shopping. To say Birmingham was full of people is an understatement. Police everywhere as well for some reason. The ones I spoke to had been brought up from London for the day, dunno if there is some footy on. My train down to Brum was held up as well due to some petty excuse, which only helped to wind me up and put me of some last minute cramming

Anyhow, as I expected to I failed. There was loads of questions on BGP, more than I can care to remember, not so many on IPv6, all simple ones tho. Every other question was interlinked into OSPF in some way shape or form

The two Sims I had totally freaked me out

Both on redistribution. I just sat there and completely and utterly forgot how to set up the syntax for the questions. I reckon these questions are heavily loaded for marks and that's why I failed. One test-let which contained some very bad English and I had to read the question a couple of times to even understand what was being asked.

Oh and black text on blue backgrounds for router icons. Now that's not very easy to read is it !

I've got the Boson training pack and I easily work my way thru those. Maybe it was just exam nerves

Anyhow I scored 628 and the pass score was 776

I didn't feel overly bad about failing this one. The last time I failed an exam, a Microsoft exam it took me ages to recover, so come January and the new(ish) syllabus....................


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Steve Ray

Well, well......

I had to fly to Canberra (from Melbourne) to do the exam after I failed it 6 weeks ago. There were no exam slots left in all of Victoria! Exam was scheduled for Friday 23rd Dec - the last date I could get.

I had studied very hard for this one, but coming toward Christmas, I didn't have the motivation to be worried about the exam. My care factor was approaching zero, and that can be a good thing.

I got into the exam, and started plodding away (I was seriously not worried whether I passed or failed at this stage). After about a third of the way, I realised that things were going quite well!

The first Sim was on redistributing OSPF. I spend almost 15 mins on that alone as I couldn't figure out / remember where to put in the 'area X stub' command. Just before I gave up, and figured it out, but I was running out of time......

In the end (with 4 mins to spare) , I passed.... with a score of 857.

I swear this exam was easier than the one I failed...... but it could have been the extra study I put in.....

Now onto the new exams!!!


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