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I've stripped the sheetrock off all the walls, created a small utility room where the main breaker panel is. How far from the breaker panel should I install the structured wiring panel to minimize noise and interference?


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Who says there's any ? Put it where it makes sense.

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Al Dykes

Two comments that what I want to hear. I watched the videos by the training department "Residential Infrastructure Wiring." They comment that they are locating the HA distribution box away from the breaker panel but don't say why. Some of the supply house say a minimum of eighteen inches and I've come across other opinions that 3 feet is recommended. Looking for a consensus.

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utility room


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The metal shells on both pieces help "discourage" interference. It really depends more on wiring than proximity. If you allow signal wires and AC power wires to run along side each other you could very well get noise. If they cross at 90 degrees they will be ok.


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