DHCP not working on 837.

I have an 837 (again!),

it seems that it doesn't provide IP addresses to clients.

I've got dozerns of routers where DHCP server worked but with this one (I tried

12.4(2)T2 and 12.3(11)YS1) I have a statement "ip dhcp use vrf connected" and if I give "no ip dhcp use vrf connected" that strings is displayed anyway. What is strange to me is that on the other routers I don't have that line both positive and negative. Is that the source of my headaches?


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I think that the "vrf" reference is an MPLS thing. I have seen the positive form in 837's with no adverse effect on DHCP.

Maybe the default is (no entry in config that is) "ip dhcp use vrf connected xyz"

Here is one that is working. (At least for DHCP:).

no ip dhcp use vrf connected ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool client network dns-server domain-name qqq.com netbios-node-type h-node option 150 instance 1 ip option 150 instance 2 ip option 66 ascii "phone" default-router lease infinite

sh ip dhcp bin Bindings from all pools not associated with VRF: IP address Client-ID/ Lease expiration Type Hardware address/ User name 0100.1279.de12.bb Infinite Automatic 0100.1279.dee3.b1 Infinite Automatic
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I have the same configuration but............. Stupid me! I had an access lists on the interface ethernet0 that blocked all the DHCPREQUEST packets. This the ACL

access-list 140 permit ip access-list 140 permit ip a.b.c.0 access-list 140 permit ip e.f.g.0

put on the ethernet 0

but obviuously it blocks all DHCP packets. So the question is:

which is the source address and the destination address of a DHCP packet? Maybe and How to specify better to leave passing through all DHCP requests? Maybe using an ACL with L2 addresses

Many thanks


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AM wrote in news:1GBof.5144$ snipped-for-privacy@twister2.libero.it:

This is what I use that works for me:

access-list 102 permit udp host host

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