AES on 837.

I have flash:c837-k9o3sy6-mz.123-8.YA1.bin. I tried to set esp-256-aes but the router told the hardware doesn't support this feature. I saw the 12.2(13)ZG should have this feature, but has it the support for ddns?

I thought 12.3(11)T3 was the most completed version of IOS. I know there are differences between versions but I don't want to download 12.2(13)ZG and find out it has no support for ddns...

Sorry for the flame...


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Hi Alex,

I am not sure about the DDNS feature when it was/is made available but AES was available since 12.2(13)T.

You can still use AES but you will have to disable hardware based encryption: "no crypto engine accelerator" Be warned CPU load will increase if software based encryption is used and result in a slower encryption/decryption process.

I think to get hardware based AES support you would need atleast a AIM-VPN/BPII encryption card(minimum) used on the 1800/2600 series.


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Thanks Rob0,

someone few weeks ago about ddns told me it is available since 12.3(8)YA1. I tried with 12.3(11)T2 but my router didn't accept the commands. So I downloaded the 12.3(8)YA1 and I'm able to use ddns (I have still some few problems but I'm hoping to solve them as soon as possible).

I will try your suggestion.



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