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We currently have 2 offices with possibly another 2 coming on line in the next few months. Currently we have Cisco 837 router's at both sites, but likely to change these for the 857 so we can deploy the 837 at remote sites for another job.

The 837 at the head office has the vpn server set up and at the remote office (and also with our sales staff) we have the cisco vpn client installed on the machines. We did this at the remote office as we could not get the vpn site to site connection working at the time. The link is very slow for any sensible amount of data transfer between the sites or to the sales staff laptops.

The question is, is the slow speed due to using the 837 as the vpn server or is that normal for VPN's? When we do data transfers where the necessary ports (ie ftp) as open on the router's NAT and firewall configuration then the speed is more to what we would expect.

Would purchasing a Pix 501 provide a faster VPN link and help when we have the other couple sites requiring a VPN link to our head office? Also how easy is it for a Pix to operate along side the 837/857.



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Ewan McNab
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What is the difference in speed? Is just FTP affected? You might like to compare ping latency and HTTP throughput inside and outside the VPN, or even use a dedicated speed testing tool like iperf. Also, what is the underlying connection technology and speed? If your ISP isn't particularly clueful, they may be assuming VPN traffic is P2P and throttling it.

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I have the same case with the same speed problem. All the application are really slow like terminal server or what ever take long time to open. It=B4s look like a MTU problem but i have already change the MTU with the parameter ip tcp adjust-mss 1360 But nothing change only a bit more of speed Some one knows any other parameter to speed up the VPN connection?

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