Cross over cable or straight to connect to 2811 from T1?

Which type of cabling do I use to connect to a 2811 from a T1 CPE, Crossover or straight? Thanks!

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T1 CPE???? What sort of T1 CPE? Smartjack/NIU or something else? Typically, I'd use the *2811* as the T1 CPE.

You'd want a straight-thru to go from a Smartjack into a T1 port on a 2811.

If you instead have another T1 router there, to connect two routers together on their ethernet ports, use a cross-over cable.

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Doug McIntyre

Make sure that the cable you are using has all four pairs. Ethernet uses the green and orange pairs, but a T1 uses the blue and orange pairs.


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smith writes:

cable you are using has all four pairs. Ethernet uses

To be more specific:

Ethernet uses pins 1-2-3-6 on an RJ45 plug

T1 uses pins 1-2-4-5 on an RJ45 plug

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