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I have 4 6500 switches all connected via various fibres, the network is fully functional and works as it should. The issue I have is that Cisco Works uses an incorrect timestamp when I backup modify the config on any of the switches. All the Syslog messages show the correct time, the Cisco Works server and all the switches take thier time from a master clock. Everything is synchronized and showing the correct time, I have copied relevant bits of the config below.

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clock timezone GMT 0 clock summer-time BST recurring clock calendar-valid

service timestamps debug datetime localtime show-timezone service timestamps log datetime localtime show-timezone

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Is it off a set amount of time, like 1 or two hours? Sounds like a Cisco Works config problem. See this link from Cisco that has a section about setting the time away from UTC.

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Its always off by an hour, it displays the UTC or GMT time instead of the BST one thats displayed by the switch and the Syslog. I've had a look at the link but unfortunately I do not have that option as I'm using Cisco Works Small Network Managment Solution version 1.5.1


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