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I am trying to configure SPAN on a cisco 6509 cat switch, we are trying to configure ports based span, with three ports as source (which are configured with pvlans) and a destination port on a normal vlan. When I issue a command:

set span 3/14,6/7 7/20 both inpkts disable learning enable multicast enable create

I get the following error:

"Port with a Private Port in the same ASIC can't be made span destination."

Please could you someone advise/ suggest as to where I am going worng.

Thanks in Advance

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Not sure what the exact issue is, but if you are using say 6148's, then ASICs serve every 8 ports (1-8, 9-16, etc). This comes up a lot because on lower end blades (like 6148s), the asics are common bandwidth bottlenecks (as an example, a 6148 can only handle one gig of traffic per asic, so if two ports on the same asic try to push gig throughput, they will instead only get 500mbits each. Anyway, the way around this is probably to set a span destination port that is not in the same asic as any of your source ports. What is your destination port? Your other option is of course to use VACLs. I think you can do multiple VLANs to a single VACL, but been awhile since I tinkered with them.

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Hello Trend,

Thanks for your suggesti> >

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