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They make great platforms and truly rule 80% of the Internets platforms.. but why is their management platform a complete lame duck? A clutch of java bugs on an overly top heavy overly complicated piece of evolved bugged software that runs like a fat pig bloated on marshmellows tied to a donkey?

I hate it. It is truly carp. Please Cisco have someone out there reading these posts and say to yourself "My God! He's right! The emperor is naked!"

I heard a rumour that it is a half hearted cobbled together piece of second thought software designed to assist the pre sales teams negotiate better hardware sales..

Said in a very Nasaly voice - " yeth thir, if you take these 12 6000 serieses and all 150 3700'th we will thwow you in two fwee lithenthes for Thithko workth!! Thatth whight thir! Fwee!"

It makes sense for the sales teams.. but someone out there should step back and try and redeem some pride back from this sloth.

My sister could write better code and she only shell scripts.

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Well said, my friend.. Well said..


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