cisco vpn client & dell lattitude laptops

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Has anyone experience installing vpn client on a Dell lattitude laptop which after install seem to remove the ethernet controller info from the latop (I couldn't see the ethernet details in network connections, or in device manager) or sometimes the ethernet port is disabled and trying to enabling it fails. I've seen this on a number of Dell Latitudes is there a problem with vpn client or dells, has anyone seen this before

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simon watson
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I had the same problem on a C600, this is what I did:

  1. Uninstall VPN client
  2. Upgrade chipset and NIC
  3. Disable APM on NIC. (don't let the OS to turn off your NIC)
  4. Install VPN client again.

This worked for me...

Marcial Colomer

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I have been doing this for years on Lat CPx, C600, C640, D800, D810 models, and a new wide-screen multimedia Inspiron and never had such a problem. Note: our current VPN client version is 4.0.3 (A), which probably needs an upgrade, as I have not checked for a while.

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you know who maybe

I have seen this happen when installing both Cisco and Nortel VPN clients on the same machine.

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