Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.3(5) weird behavior


I have a strange behavior of the pix, either by telnet or ssh. This is the first time I configure this specific pix so I cannot tell if the hardware is 100% operational in terms of any kind of chip failure.

Here it goes:

I create 2 access-list (the XXX are to hide the real IP)

access-list msexchange permit tcp any host XXX.32.7.10 eq smtp access-list owa permit tcp any host XXX.32.7.10 eq www

then 2 access-group access-group msexchange in interface outside access-group owa in interface outside

All commands return correctly, but when I do a "sho run" I only get the last access-group I entered, and that will be the access-group owa in this example. No matter what I do, I only get the last access-group. the other are gone with the wind.

Am I missing something?

hardware details: gw(config)# sho ver

Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.3(5) Cisco PIX Device Manager Version 3.0(4)

Compiled on Thu 04-Aug-05 21:40 by morlee

gw up 1 day 10 hours

Hardware: PIX-501, 16 MB RAM, CPU Am5x86 133 MHz Flash E28F640J3 @ 0x3000000, 8MB BIOS Flash E28F640J3 @ 0xfffd8000, 128KB

0: ethernet0: address is 0016.9dda.cf7c, irq 9 1: ethernet1: address is 0016.9dda.cf7d, irq 10 Licensed Features: Failover: Disabled VPN-DES: Enabled VPN-3DES-AES: Enabled Maximum Physical Interfaces: 2 Maximum Interfaces: 2 Cut-through Proxy: Enabled Guards: Enabled URL-filtering: Enabled Inside Hosts: 10 Throughput: Unlimited IKE peers: 10

This PIX has a Restricted (R) license.

Serial Number: 810172633 (0x304a40d9) Running Activation Key: 0x6e504d92 0x1305ae30 0x9d5d4887 0xd8137534 Configuration last modified by enable_15 at 20:58:34.785 EST Tue Jun

26 2007
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Only one access group can be applied per interface (per direction in PIX 7.x)

Add everything to the same access-list. Just make sure that you don't reuse the name of that access-list for something else (e.g., don't use it for nat 0 access-list).

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Walter Roberson

Understood. Thanks.

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