GB Ethernet WAN between two 6000s

Need some expert input advice. I am new to this stuff, struggling to get by. We are planning to replace our existing 10Mb Ethernet WAN with 1GB Ethernet. The 10mb is currently between two 3600 routers. To take advantage of 1gb we plan on using our 6000 switches with routing modules. How do we link up the two, since you can't assign IP address to the gbic interface or can you? somone suggesting creating vlans. Our two sites are on separate VLAN domains. Any input with some sample command syntax would be greatly appreciated.

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You can either use the interfaces as layer 3 and give them IP addresses or layer 2 with vlans.

interface Gi1/1 no switchport ip address


interface Gi1/1 switchport access vlan 100

interface vlan 100 ip address

Configuring GigE interfaces really isn't any different from FastEthernet.


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You can if the switches are set up in the right way.

somone suggesting creating

it depends on whether you are running CatOS + IOS on the MSFC (called hybrid mode sometimes), or just IOS.

it would help if you described the setup.

IOS gives support for various router oriented bells and whistles like DFCs, CatOS / hybrid has better "switching" features.

IOS supports IP on the port - see another post.

Both setups have pretty high L3 thruput if you have a PFC, or a Sup with it built in, (M's of packets / sec) - there have been several generations of processor in the Cat 6000 series chassis.

With hybrid you use CatOS to define a VLAN at L2, and add a logical interface on the MSFC in that VLAN, then use the MSFC to route between the VLANs - but you are basically configuring 2 logical functions in the 1 box separately, to the extent that you log into them separately.

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