cisco 1700 username and password problem

Hello I am trying to setup username/password on one of my routers but it behaves different from the others when i type line vty 0 4 the login local does not exists, intead i get login authentication. How do i set up login on this router? thanks.

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Not sure if this is correct but if you setup a local username on the router then you should get the option under the line settings "login local".

Local usernames are setup as follows:

username myusername password mypassword

Hope this helps.


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On mine I have,

username password ! aaa new-model ! aaa authentication login collossus local ! line vty 0 4 access-class 11 in logging synchronous login authentication collossus transport preferred none


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Thanks Chris, I believe the problem i had was that i had line and no local on my aaa authentication

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