setting up ssh access to a router

Hi any 1

am trying to setup a cisco 1721 with ssh tty access to it

have added transport input telnet ssh to line vty 0 4

and still can not access the router via ssh

any 1 any ideas

cheers for any info

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bob napisa³(a):

Maybe this will help:

formatting link

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Michał Iwaszk

formatting link
This doc is OK but it still doesn't tell you which buttons to press.

You need:- Crypto feature set.

You need ALL the following config elements: That is all as in every one. Sorry:)

hostname router1 !

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You don't need AAA. just type no aa new-model and instead on line vty 0 4 give the command login local (instead of the default "login") !! Remember to create an username in the local database (username foo password 0 foo) Alex.

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