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Hello everyone, I am researching phone system solutions for a branch office - 50 to 75 users. I have been looking at CME and CUE and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a bundle solution, rather than having to purchase all hardware/software separately. Maybe something that includes the router, cme for a number of users, and a number of phones all in one bundle to get started. I appreciate your time, Dave.

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I am not aware of one, but I would think that you need to check with and or get Cisco Sales involved. Generally they will help you put together the package that you are desiring, and the Sales Engineer should help you be prepared for what you are receiving. Not to say a bundle doesn't exist, but Cisco has created many 'bundles' for companies I have worked for without officially selling it as a bundle.

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Cisco sells a number of bundled routers with the appropriate number of DSP's, Interfaces and User licenses. Typically the router only system part numbers end in V-CCME. There is also the branch office in a box promotion found at

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Hope this helps.

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If you are not buying this directly from Cisco, you better find a Cisco Reseller around. First of all - you will get better discounts (with good Cisco reseller you can get up to 40% discount off the list price). Plus, they can "build" the system for you. Basically, what you need is 28xx router, CME license, Unity Express Module and license, IOS License, interface modules (if required), etc. All these small "details"... And in most cases, Cisco Resellers don't charge you for "pre-sale" consultation, for example, to build the system according to your specification.

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Hello everyone. I work for a Cisco reseller and can get pretty much anything you need at a huge discount with warranty. Reply to author and I will get in touch. I would post my email on hear but I will get spammed. Thanks! Ed P.S. We also buy all of your out of service networking hardware!

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You'd actually pay me money + cover shipping for some 7010's or 1912 switches? How about some Livingston PM3s?

Can I trade even up for a new 1841 ADSL bundle?


(PS. if you don't get that this is a jest, the hardware I list doesn't usually sell for enough to cover shipping it).

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