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I would like to get started with this ccna 640-801 exam and am wondering do I need to purchase some of older 2500 routers to get my hands on experiences with or can I do this with simulation software?? Which one is going to be better choice?? I saw some of those on eBay for around $50-$75. If you have any recommendation what to get, simulator software or original router? If it's router, which one, with how many ram, software, ios, etc... If it's simulator, which one??

Got one book from Sybex from a friend, he acctualy give me to take a look at.

So, nex question is:

Which book to buy and to learn from?? Sybex or something else??

Any other info or recommendation is more than welcome.

Very sincerely,


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dino k
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I have a large Cisco router/switch LAB. consisting of 4 Cisco 3200 switches each with an internal Cisco 2503 router blade and a Cisco

2513 and a large two peiceTokenRing switch.

For all others I recommend one of the Cisco 3600 routers and a Cisco

1900 or 2700 switch which use the command l>Hello,
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Howard Huntley
1) nothing better than the real stuff, even the best simulators around i know of are nothing compared to the real ones 2) Sybex (author: Todd Lamle) has the best book for CCNA, thats 100% for sure! dont buy the cisco ones, they realy suck 3) if you buy 2500 or other routers, all are good actualy, you only have to keep in mind that you will need the appropreate cabling to connect them to eachother (token ring requires a token ring MAU; ethernet is simple; serials require back-to-back DTE/DCE custom cables ....) Any IOS above 11 is good for CCNA, but i would advice rel 12 ones as they contain a more consistent command set) If you want to run rel 12 on a router, you might need 16 MB Flash and 16 MB RAM on them too, but if not, they are easely upgraded with stuff you find on ebay. I personaly think that having 3 routers is a real minimum (for frame-relay, route-summary, ospf, igrp eigrp)
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