Cost wise solution 1 is the cheaper and more effective.

If you have full blown CCM, u generally need 2 severs at around 10k GBP a piece. This way is cheaper and more effective, tho you loose more advanced features like mobile extensions, then again in a small deployment I wouldnt worry.

Only thing, I would reccommend VoIp for a small 5 users office, cost per user works out too much, less u specifically want this setup.

Only when an office gets above 20-30 peeps do we roll inVoIP.

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I'm new with Cisco. We are completly rebuilding our sites and we look to use VOIP.

We have 3 sites :

- 1 in Belgium : approx 50 users

- 2 in Frans : 5 users. (and all call from Belgium to anywhere in Frans transit via one of them) Between these sites, a mpls (with Qos and all we need)

I contact 2 cisco partners and receive 2 very different possible configuration

- First Config : 3 router with CME (1* 2851 + 2* 2811)

- Second config : CM on main site and SRST on the 2 others sites.

Is it possible to have other point of view on this forum ? What is the "best" solution ?

I think that CME is enough for us, we have 50 users, and think to grown in future to max 70 users. and CM same to be more difficult to manage.

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For the sites with 5 users, yes, I think that the cost is too expensive ... But (at least for one site), with that, we can phone from Belgium to Frans with national call and not international like now, and we have big lot of these communications. For the other site, yes, ... but my boss hear that communication between our

3 sites are for free, so, ... free, it's good ... I want it !!! .. But don't look at cost installation ...

Boss is the boss ...

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In which case, the solution 1 is correct.

We have deployed 2 x CME's in offices of 30 and 40 users and I have just completed my first CCM for 200+ users.

CCM is def a no no for he number of users. You are onto a winner with number 1. Only thing to be aware of is the limit per router

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If you plan to go beyond the levels there, I would look to scale up...

Eg, a 2811 will support 36 phones max. If you know you may suddenly rocket in size, be ready, as your Cisco router will not play ball less its the right one :)

Otherwise good solution, also go for Unity Express voicemail, you are looking for AIM Modules. (Placed inside the router)



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Ok thx. For the limit, the 2811 is good enough. Actually we have 5 phones, and I think we never had more than 10.

And yes, Unity Express is a good solution, but it's another (costing) option ...

The third vendor I contact, is true, he propose a solution based on Asterisk, we that, all the options are included for free

But I think Cisco is best for us... I hope my boss think that too...

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