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I would like to bridge two lans maintaining the same subnet. . the lans are connected via an E1 2Mbps megastream? how do i configure my cisco 2500 series routers?


lan1 ethernet port >serial port>G703>E1>G703>serial port>lan2 ethernet

Any tips on config are appreciated.

regards dean

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Hi Dean,

You need to change the router Ethernet interfaces from Routing mode, into Bridging mode, which means you cannot put an IP address on that interface. If you need an IP address from that segment on each Router, then create a BVI with the IP address and add the BVI to the same bridge group.

This is all from memory, however - 1. In global configuration mode, define the bridging method (probably integrated routing and bridging) - bridge irb 2. In global configuration mode, define a bridge group (7) for IEEE traffic (assuming your bridging needs are fairly standard) - bridge 7 protocol ieee 3. Put the desired interface into the bridge group - int e0 bridge-group 7 ??? Optionally add any specific bridging parameters if required.

That should be it.

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Is this possible with 2 Cisco 804's over an ISDN link?


LAN - > 804 ->ISDN

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I have never worked with 804's sorry, but it should be do-able on any IOS version with an IP Plus image that supports Bridge-groups and BVI's.

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