Question regarding SSH via Lantronix SCS100

I have been tasked with implementing SSH authentication to our Cisco

1751-V routers via a Lantronix SCS100. The Lantronix SCS100 is an external secure console server that handles SSH authentication. The box has an ethernet interface and a DB-25 interface, from what I have ascertained, you give the box an IP, you connect ethernet to the ethernet on your router and you connect the serial to the console port.

Here are my questiona; First, does anyone have any experience with this product or implementing one like it? Second, how would one configure the console port to accept this connection, the installation guide gives no clues.

Any feedback that migh help would be greatly appreciated.

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Robert B. Phillips, II
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Randal T. Rioux

I played with it and here is what happened. So I configured the SCS100 to do SSH and to authenticate the SSH connection with a local username/password. When I SSH to the address I gave the SCS100 It authenticates me and then in PuTTY (my SSH client) it states 'server unexpectedly closed connection'. This is not the same message that I get if the credentials are incorrect. So I am getting authenticated but just not getting to the router.

What I need is to understand; (1) do I need to send this to the CONSOLE or AUX port on the router, or does it matter, and (2) what configuration needs to be on the router line to allow it to talk? It appears from the statistics on the SCS100 that it is sending data out the serial port just not receiving any back, in other words the router refuses to answer. I have been trying using the CONSOLE port, and usually when you do this kind of thing to to the AUX port you have to configure modem controls, i.e. Modem InOut or ModemDialin but you can't configure modem controls on the CONSOLE port.

Any suggestions?

Robert B. Phillips, II

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