Doubt how to configure channel-group in controller E1

How can I configure more than 2 channel-group in a controller E1 in Cisco 1841. I=B4m using a module VWIC-1MFT-G703. In a lab test, I could configure only 2 channel-group, in a 3th channel-group, a message saying "%Channel-groups per port limit exceeded and %Insufficient resources to create channel group." So, can help me? Thanks for while.

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You can't configre more than 2 channel-groups with this VWIC on other platforms either. If you need it, you have to get real E1 card, not VWIC. The documentation is not very clear in way that it doesn't explicitly says that more then two groups are not supported, but it mentions two channel groups are supported only in specific configurations. I have tried with

2621XM and got the same error message:

CE-2.LAB(config-controller)#channel-group 0 timeslots 1 CE-2.LAB(config-controller)#channel-group 1 timeslots 2 CE-2.LAB(config-controller)#channel-group 2 timeslots 3 %Insufficient resources to create channel group CE-2.LAB#sh diag Slot 0: C2621XM 2FE Mainboard Port adapter, 4 ports ... WIC Slot 0: E1 G703 (1 port) Multi-Flex Trunk WAN daughter card Hardware revision 1.0 Board revision C0 ...

The document I was talking about is at

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Kind regards, iLya

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